AEKO is an athleisure brand committed to designing and manufacturing the finest quality apparel for high-intense workout.

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Premium Fabrics and Designs

Founded in 2017, we are a start-up catering to the masses with high-end apparel for individuals who participate in yoga, fitness, or are just interested in everyday wear.

Our premium items include active sports bras, tank tops, shorts, leggings, bodysuit leotards, and much more.

By utilizing quality and durable fabric into our production line, we design, inspect quality, and collaborate with our technicians and sewers to ensure customers that they are buying a premium product. 

Comfort, fit & Durability

Designed with premium fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility during wear. Our products have a seamless design which guarantees a luxuriously soft and comfortable fit. 

Whether you're going to the gym, doing yoga or anything in between, our high quality active wear is designed to promote extreme comfort and style.